Monday, April 20, 2009

Retaining donors through tough economic times

We are all worried about keeping our donors in tough economic times. Whatever the recession brings us, fundraising will keep going on.

Here we have yet more useful slides worth nicking for board reports. This presentation was one I presented at workshops in Sydney and Melbourne over the last two weeks.

Whatever happens, talking about the work your charity does in an appropriate way is essential. Telling your story. This presentation starting with stats about fundraising in a recession, but quickly moved on to good donor care and ensuring you are telling good stories.

Absent from the presentation, because it is video and workshop based, is a great exercise on making stories 'sticky'. A link to the Made to Stick blog with step by step instructions on how to run this exercise is below the presentation. Take time to get your team to do the exercise - it is truly mind expanding.

Click here for the Girl Effect / Made to Stick exercise.


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