Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Innovation in times of stress

FBI used to be my favourite radio station when I lived in Sydney. They are a community radio station and I used to be a donor.

They are in trouble, financially, and have gone out with a great idea 'Ask Richard'. Basically asking people to suggest an idea on how to get $1m from Richard Branson.

Good luck to them! Check it out here.

You can follow @askrichard on twitter - if you are not twitter savvy, this is a good excuse to get into it. Much of it is rubbish like 'Just got up, my bed is so hard. Why am I so tired...!?' but it is easy to get away from that stuff.

There is tons of good information, such as one passed on from Mark Philips (bluefrog) about a 'secret meeting' of top philanthropists; you can read about this meeting here.


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