Monday, August 24, 2009

Recession increasing demand on two-thirds of Australian charities

According to their recent survey, Aussie charity research agency Givewell tells us that "almost two-thirds of charities have experienced a material increase in the demand for their services for the 2009 financial year, with a near 5% increase in demand for the important services the charity sector provides."

Of the Humanitarian charities, and astonishing 100% said they had an increased demand, but only 63% blame the recession. Ninety-one per cent of welfare organsations said they had an increased demand and 78% blamed the recession. Of community support organisations, 76% said they had experienced increased demand and the same number blamed the recession.

You can get hold of the report summary here, and I thoroughly recommend subscribing - especially if you are an Australian charity or agency.


'Sean is always learning' said...

Givewell's Category Definitions HEALTH (includes Health Promotion, Major Diseases, Medical Services, Mental Illness,
Drug/Alcohol Addiction)
HUMANITARIAN (includes organisations advocating a cause which affects the broader
community by virtue of natural causes, cultural or political influences)
EDUCATION (includes universities and those with an educational focus)
COMMUNITY SUPPORT (includes Aged Care, Aboriginal Support, Emergency Services,
Arts/Culture, Unemployment)
CONSERVATION, ENVIRONMENT & ANIMALS (includes Conservation & Environment,
Animal Welfare)
DISABILITY (includes People with Disabilities)
HOSPITALS (includes Hospitals, Medical Research)

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