Friday, November 28, 2008

But what is happening in Belgium!?

As the only country other than Somalia to spend much of 2008 without a Government we are all desperate to know what happens to fundraising in Belgium in a financial crisis.

Well, luckily Ilja De Coster from EthiCom has come through for us.

'I did a small survey in Belgium and several journalist asked me about the impact of the financial crisis on fundraising. Your session at the IFC and your blog was really helpful for some international comparison.

...for you interest to main observations:

- 2 big campaigns annually happening in Belgium did made their best result ever right in the middle of the financial crisis.

- From my survey ofBelgian NGO’s: most of them fear the crisis, but most of them do not in any way adapt (neither reduce, increase, adapt, refocus) their fundraising efforts. And to worry even more: most of them do not have real objective figures or data on possible impact of the crisis… '

Thanks for that information, and please send anything else from Belgium and any other countries too. Please email my colleague, Justine, because I am off on holiday.

Sean Triner

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