Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More opinion from UK

UK agency bluefrog have been out and about scouring for, and doing more, quantitative research.

On his Queer Ideas blog, founder Mark Philips told us that the bluefrog research with the RNLI indicated that 21% of people would be slightly less likely to give and 11% would be much less likely to give.

Mark's latest blog now reports on recent MORI research on behalf of St. Mungo’s which "presents a rather depressed attitude amongst consumers with over half of all those surveyed being very or fairly concerned about their financial situation and 17% seeing their money worries impacting negatively on their relationships with families and friends."

But not too much worry for us- seems we are more important than even household food and heating are more likely to be in the firing line than charities!

They looked at what areas of expenditure have been cut or are likely to be cut next year, and giving to charities fared well. Only 6% said they had cut giving, and another 5% reckoned they may cut giving next year.

An 11% cut in giving is not to be sniffed at though, so work hard to keep those donors giving.

Sean Triner

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