Tuesday, November 18, 2008

DMAW Webinar

The DMAW have a US$99 webinar which will be worth checking out - unless you are this side of the world, where it will be middle of the night. I reckon non Americans may find it useful too.

Please send any useful data!

Wed 3 December, Webinar, 12pm-1pm, I guess Eastern time.

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This is their blurb:

Economic blues got you down?

Is the pressure of making your FY09 budget keeping you up at night?

Has your organization or client had to make cuts to staff or programs in order to stay afloat?

Do you want real answers on how your organization or client can survive this economic crisis?

If you answered YES, to any or all of these questions…we've got the cure, with a can’t-miss Webinar just for you!

Please join KIM CUBINE, Principal and Senior Vice President of Adams Hussey & Associates, and TIM KERSTEN, owner of Tim Kersten Consulting, for some relief--and answers--about what your organization can do to survive this economic crisis.

Join Kim, Tim and the DMAW on December 3, 2008 at noon, for a thought provoking Webinar that answers the questions we know you have been asking yourself for months:

How have charitable groups and nonprofit organizations weathered the economic cycles of the past 40 years? And how have these groups been impacted in 2008?

How should you address this with the President of your organization and your Board of Directors?

How do we raise money and talk about issues in an economy that's gone from bad to worse...with no end in sight?

What are some ideas for maintaining current members?

How do we manage risk in an unknown economic environment?

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