Thursday, January 8, 2009

Data suggests that corporations continue giving in the US

Some interesting data that recently came out of the US.

According to a recent report produced by
LGB Research, over 70 major US corporations and corporate foundations that participated in their email survey expect to see no change in their charitable giving in 2009.

It also reports that 80 percent of corporations will be more strategic in their giving; with many of those surveyed indicating their corporation will support organisations that can show greater impact and who are more aligned with their corporate goals.

The research also suggests that the anticipated 12.1 percent drop in charitable donations predicted in the Giving US 2002 report will most likely to be as little as 3 to 5 percent.

To read a summary of the research click here.


Kimberley MacKenzie said...

That is very interesting, thanks Justine. Also noteworthy is that the finding echos the survey the management centre did last October (I think it is here on the right) where fundraisers around the world speculated on which charities will suffer most.

This quote from the article "[We'll contribute] more dollars to fewer groups for greater impact and greater efficiency at work."
Another said, "Because there will be less dollars, we need to ensure we are investing this in the community where it can have the greatest impact." is similar to feedback I've had from corporates and will also - once again - demand that we perform at our very best - demonstrating impact for dollars.

Its great to start to see data supporting our "hunches" last fall.

Dan said...

I've seen this in my own fundraising. Two organizations pulled back from donating money due to the fact that our foundation didn't support thier greater interest. This didn't necessarily mean that they weren't giving at all. Quite the contrary, but in thier letters to me, both stated that thier giving would be more focused from now on. So even though my life was intertwined in thier organizations, my fundraising goals didn't match each organization's goals.

It's good to hear, however, that fundraisers can still benefit from those in the corporate structure, also evidenced by my fundraising. We did receive a sizeable donation (compared to our normal donations) from a third corporate entity.

In all, things are still moving, despite the economy.

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