Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fundraising when money is tight - new book

I just finished Mal Warwick’s new manuscript “Fundraising When Money is Tight”. I got to tell you, it is bloody good. I am sure the title will help sales right now, but it could well have been called “How to fundraise”; there is nothing in there that I wouldn’t recommend when times are not tight. Not that I can remember a time when fundraising wasn’t tough.

Just 137 pages long, I whizzed through the book in a few hours, it is a journey flying high in big picture strategy but dipping down into sensible tactics and practicalities – including a short lesson on the basics of segmentation and a full case study of an (Australian!) donor survey.

Suitable for the fundraising strategist, the CEO and the board, the book gives clear tips, steps and processes – almost like a ‘how to’ checklist book.

If you can’t get your board to read a fundraising book, get them to read at least the first 44 pages that make up Part One. Mal doesn’t pretend to tell us what may or may not happen in the future (let’s face it, no-one knows) but what he does show us is how scenario planning can give a clear overview for how NGOs can respond to whatever happens.

Part two outlines incredibly sensible and immediate steps that can be taken to protect your beneficiaries now and into the future whilst illustrating with examples, a case study and a short practical lesson or two.

No moaning about the economy is allowed. If you raise money from the public get on and do the right thing – buy this book and do what it tells you to do. Mal is internationally respected for a reason – he knows his stuff.

This is not an advert, but I reckon the book is the best thing (except this blog, which you already read) around to help you manage your situation - and your board. Pre-order through Amazon in USA here and UK here.


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