Sunday, January 18, 2009

Financial Times reckons corporate giving may be up

At 4,000 words you need to put the kettle on before diving into this brilliant article but it is worth it.

A thorough report, starting with the Quakers in the 19th century it takes on a journey of corporate giving right up to now.

Please take time out to read this one, and keep it handy for when the boss is asking why you are not getting tons of money from big business.

If you haven't time to read it here is the bottom line:

Corporates (in the UK, and the USA) give so little cash to charity that the economic woes won't make much difference. What about the £1.1bn companies are meant to give in the UK per annum? A quarter of that is in-kind donations of drugs from one company, and much of the rest is 'in kind' too.

The article explains the history of corporate giving (in the UK) and also explains why they give so little.

Check it out here.

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john said...

Interesting article that really does go comprehensively into corporate giving philosophies in Britain from Victorian times onwards.

A fascinating insight not just from the historical perspective but also from bringing it bang up to date with corporate giving now. Well worth a read