Monday, October 27, 2008

Amanda Seller of WSPA says "Pull Your Finger Out"

Watch and listen to Amanda Seller from WSPA reporting back from her meeting with lots of other International INGOs at the IFC Conference in Holland.

No messing, practical stuff with a great big kick in the arse for us all. My highlight is her pleasant telling off of us all:

“...Just need to do the stuff you’ve known you should be doing" she urges. "We all know we should be doing good stewardship, good donor care, providing a sense of belonging and building relationships with people.

"We all know we should be tracking our data, staying on top of our data and analysing what is going on – we didn’t need a recession to remind us of that.

"But I do think the one impact this recession is going to have ... is that it is going to make us pull our finger out. You don’t have any choice, you have got to sort out your supporter care, got to stay on top of your data.”

Good on ya Amanda!

(Thanks Howard Lake of for the video).

Sean Triner

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