Thursday, October 23, 2008

IFC Fundraisers Poll

Bernard Ross of the Management Centre pulled together this quick survey of fundraisers whilst he was at the IFC.

Bottom line:
  • Almost 40% of respondents believe that the best response is to fight for
    market share now- expansion to secure market share is the only option.
  • Almost as many favoured another strong proactive action though the specific
    responses varied- from downsizing to using reserves to weather the storm
  • European and North American fundraisers are more optimistic than their
    African or Asian counterparts
  • Globally respondents believe that the three areas most likely to lose out are
    arts and culture, international development and animal welfare.
  • Respondents also agreed that children’s’ causes, emergency relief, medical
    and faith-based causes would be least affected.
  • North America disagrees most strongly on the effect of the funding crisis on
    Disability, Education, the Environment, and Faith based causes.
  • Europeans are more concerned than others about the impact on Disability,
    Human Rights, and Elders.

For the full report, download from here, link will work until November 15.

Sean Triner

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