Friday, October 17, 2008

IFC Fundraising in a Recession special


Kimberley from Canada said...

Just a note to thank you folks for pulling together this website and the IFC session.

Next week, I'll be reporting to my board on the value they received for sending me to the IFC. They will be most interested in this session and website. Many of them will also want to see the Powerpoint in and discuss it.

While large scale annual fund activities may survive and even thrive, I think our very young major donor program is going to take a hit. Our donors are moderately wealthy and like to transfer stocks and bonds (ie securities). We have pledges for $100,000 in this type of donation over the next two months. This will impact our ability to receive matching government money and delivery of programs next year.

I'll be reaching out to those donors in the coming weeks and will report back to the blog.

Since our list if relatively small it may also be interesting to do a short survey of our high value donors. Suggestions for questions would be very welcome. Is that the kind of data you are looking for Sean?

Let's keep watching and sharing.

'Sean is always learning' said...

Thanks Kimberley. Very interested in what happens, though I am not so sure about the survey; but if you do one, let me know. Thanks.