Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Word on the Street

I am back in Australia now, but when still in UK I took a train to meet an old pal. The train was delayed so I went up to strangers and asked them if they gave to charity, and if they did if it would change now that the recession was here.

Totally non-scientific and completely weird I know, but once convinced that I wasn't a nutter (the fools!) they all told me they wouldn't give any less.

How useful is this? Not really. What people do and what they say they will do are very different - lots of focus groups telling you that donors prefer short appeal letters when donors are likely to respond to longer ones - is testament to that. But heh, it was fun and I am always learning. I want to know what they say they will do. Any proper polling, please bring to my attention and I will blog it.

So much for my hearsay - I am just telling you what they said. Pure vox-popping without the video.

But what if someone was organised enough to have a video and some editing gear? A quick chat with my pals at London based agency Open and we get a cool video on their blog.

Not that scientific, but a nice opener for any presentation to the board posing the question: 'But what will really happen?' (before concluding 'I don't actually know, and nor does any expert but here are some scenarios, Ms Chair, and here is my strategy...')

Just make sure that you credit the chaps at Open for their effort!


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bow said...

Great opening for board discussion on the topic. I will use it.